Sustainable Storytelling

and Design

Our goal is To develop a multimedia approach to telling/documenting stories surrounding sustainability. To explore engaging ways to communicate and inform about global challenges through visual/interactive media.

Modern life as it currently is cannot be sustained. We are constantly reminded that we have a responsibility to alter our habits to improve life on our planet. How much information really sticks?

Despite scientific research alerting us to the dangers of unsustainable lifestyles many people remain unmotivated to alter their behaviour. Facts and figures alone fail to connect with us emotionally. The role of the storyteller is to translate information into something that humans react to on an emotional level. To develop narratives that engage us deeply to help us better understand our world. Stories often explore morals, themes and consequences that teach us about our behaviour. Our task in this project is to find the stories buried in the noise of information about sustainability. How do we recognise and tell those stories in a way that connects with people on an emotional level and provoke behavioural change.

We are making a explainer video