Initial setting:

Place the board, the action cards (as a stack) and the predefined questions (as a stack) on the table. The 24 squares you see on the Swedish landscape is the area you will play on. Divide the number of squares among the players (2 players: each has 12 squares, 3 players: each has 8 squares, 4 players: each has 6 squares, 5 players: each has 4 squares and 4 are empty for the whole game, 6 players: each has 4 squares). You then place natural, mixed and managed forest cards on the personal squares you define, so that every player has the same amount of each type of forest. Mark your squares with your sign.

For example, if you play with 6 players everyone have 4 Squares and get one Natural, one Mixed and one Managed forest. In this case the fourth square is empty at the beginning and a forest can be planted on it in the game.

Actor list:

Take the actors list and choose an actor for the player on your right side. Write this on a piece of paper but be careful, that the players don’t know which actor they are. So, everyone knows the actors of the others but not their own. Glue the piece of paper on the table of your right partner, so that everyone see it excepted the player self.

Action cards and predefined questions:

Action cards influence the board. In following list you can see the amount and description for every card.

  • Plant a forest: You are allowed to plant a forest on an empty square.
    • 5x Plant a natural forest
    • 5x Plant a mixed forest
    • 5x Plant a managed forest
    • 3x Plant a forest of your choice
  • Remove a forest: Following action remove a forest from a Square. It is empty afterwards
    • 5x Cut down forest
    • 5x Disease
    • 5x Thunderstorm
    • 5x Fire
  • Protect forest: Put the card on a forest to protect it for the whole game.
    • 2x Protect the forest
  • Special cards:
    • 2x Choose a person who is not allowed to do anything in the next round
    • 2x Choose a person (including yourself) who has to put all action cards back to the stack


The predefined questions are questions you ask to the other players to find out which actor you are.


Choose a player who starts the game.

Roll the dice:

The player rolls the dice. The number they get dictates the next move.

 1,2 or 3  Take a predefined question
 4 or 5  Ask a free yes or no question
 6  Get a hint about your actor from the other players

After the answer or hint is given the player takes an action card. You can play the card directly or save it. Every player is allowed to save and hold max. 3 cards. Put your predefined question card and your played action card back in the stack. Now it is the turn of the person on your right. He/ she will now roll the dice (or take a guess like in the description below) and takes an action card. This process goes on until the win condition is met (see win condition).

Special rule: If you throw a 6, you either get a hint right away or you have the chance to roll a second time. If you choose the second roll you will not get the hint, but if you get a second 6, that is equal to a right guess of your actor (see below).


Every time it’s your turn you are allowed to guess which actor you are. You are not allowed to roll the dice before or after your guess in this round. You have only three guesses in this game to figure out which actor you are. After your third wrong guess you get a new actor by your left partner. After your guess, you take an action card and play or save it.

The first one who guess their actor right get 3 points, the second one 2 points and the third one 1 point. The other players get 0 points for guessing, but you cannot win the game if you haven’t guessed your actor.

Playing action cards:

You can play an action card on any field of the board you want. You can also play multiple cards in one turn, but only on one specific field (e.g. start a fire, plant a natural forest, and protect the new forest on the same field). Put the cards back in the stack after you played them.


Win condition:

The winner is the person with the most points. The moment you count the points is when the second to last player guesses their actor right. This person is allowed to take and play the last action card. Every player counts their own points on their specific squares (chosen at the beginning). For each forest in their interest they get 2 points, for the second preferred forest 1 point and for a forest that’s not in their favour 0 points. Please refer to the actor list for the different interests of the actors

Your favourite forest:

Look which favourite you have from the actor list. The second preferred forest is shown in the following table.

Preference        Square:  Natural  Mixed  Managed
 Natural  2  1  0
 Mixed  1  2  0
 Managed  0  1  2

Please refer to the actor list for the different interests of the actors.
For example: The player with the first right guess gets 3 points. He got the actor squirrel. After the game is finished he counts all natural forests on his squares as 2 points each and mixed forests with 1 point each. This example was played with 4 players, so everyone got 6 squares. This player had 2 natural, 3 mixed, and 1 managed forest. He got 10 points in total (3 for guessing, 4 for natural, and 3 for
mixed forest).