Game Introduction


Welcome to the Forest Game. Did you know that a forest is not only an area with trees? There is so much more to a real forest. 2/3 of Sweden is actually made up of forest, but only 10 % of that is natural forest. The other 90 % is managed forest that’s used for economic profit. To create a managed forest all the trees including their roots are removed, then new trees are planted.
There are some serious consequences that come with managed forests. One of the main problems with these managed forests, is that they lead to a monoculture. The trees are planted really tight together, so that the sun can’t come to the ground and a real monoculture arises. Some natural plants can’t grow because of the light issue. This also has a negative impact on the animals and insects.
Furthermore, the manager of the forest also cuts down and removes dead and fallen down trees. This is a problem because landowners don’t want dead trees in their managed forests, but insect still need them as a home.
All of this disturbs the food chain, which forces many animals to leave the forests or even leads them to extinction. With increasing use of
managed forests, the biodiversity decreases.

And here lies the conflict in the land use of the Swedish forests. On one hand the economy needs managed foreststo deliver wood for the industry. On the other hand, a lot of animals and insect species need a natural forest with different types of trees, dead trees and plants as a
natural habitat. The natural forests also provide a social value for the local people and tourists.
The goal of this game is to get aware of the land use conflict in Sweden. By playing the game you will think a bit more about the different actors which are involved in this problem and you will see their perspective.